Ongoing projects in history education, critical literacy, memory studies, uses of the past…
Past research projects/activities/networks

2016-2019: “Critical Literacy and Awareness in Education”, funded by EU/ERASMUS +, Phase 1 (Project leader)

2015-2017: “New Tectonics of Memory of WWI”, funded by NORDFORSK (Project partner, project leader Tea Andersen Sindbæk, University of Copenhagen, Danmark)

2012-2016: “In Search of Transcultural Memory in Europe”, funded by EU/COST (MC member)

2012-2013: “Teaching Cultural Studies : Text, Memory and History”, funded by EU/ERASMUS (Project leader)

2011-2013: “Myths and Collective Memory in a Transnational Age”, funded by Norwegian Council of Research/SAMKUL (Project leader)

2009-2012: “Towards a common past”, funded by NORDFORSK (Project partner, project leader Barbara Törnquist-Plewa, University of Lund, Sweden)

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